We are Industrial Internet Experts with embedded Linux knowledge.

Open source auditing for code and implementations. Security is our primary concern.

Linux kernel 3.15.2 for Gumstix hardware. Why settle for less?


Welcome to radomecode.org! We are small and dedicated team working with embedded Linux, communication and security related projects. Our engineering expertise covers kernel drivers, applications and complete product design and planing services.

We are working fluently with AVR/OMAP/i386 platforms and deliver what you require. Our solutions differ also from traditional kernel development, because we have positioned ourselves to end user role in many cases and we are able to understand what it makes to deliver complete user experience, which often contains no bits and versions. Just working product.

Solutions from source

We background from world where believing for binary delivered solution has been generally an issue. And while technology vendors are willingly and/or obligated to operate with governmental instances, what would be better way than binary deliverable computing environment. And that is going to change. Our efforts runs deep in source code visibility and understanding what happens under the hood and we believe you should be also aware of our vision.

If you interested, get in contact with us.

Our expertise

Gumstix Overo Air

Gumstix Kernel

Your Gumstix hardware requires latest Linux kernel 3.15.2.


M2M Communication

Mobile communications for embedded Linux. BT, WiFi, 3G and 4G supported.


Embedded Apps

From shell scripting to QT apps. Strong and open cryptography. You name it.